flat sutazna

Studio: KILO / HONČ
Author: Mgr. art. Richard Kilo, Ing. arch. Matej Honč
Documentation: 2019

Architects from Kilo Honč studio reconstructed daily part of attic apartment on Súťažná street. “Efficient use of space, openness, new storage space. The apartment must work for a large five-member family, ”describes Matej Honč, one of the two authors, assignment and starting points of the proposal.

The new design of the apartment develops the potential of the (in) original attic space. The open sailing layout, together with the covered terrace facing the green courtyard, are specifics that are beyond the standard of living in the wider city center. The background is consistently integrated, leaving only a “clean” living area. “Functional-operational division of space is determined by furniture, not partitions. The total space defines, divides, but at the same time gives it a coherent character. Living room, kitchen, dining room, games room, reading room and music room … Everything is one multipurpose space – modifiable and transparent, ”adds Honč.

The focus of the architectural design is a clear arrangement of functional zones in the daily part of the apartment. The simple elements and forms used in the interior are a good basis on which to further develop the personality of the user. “It is not about style, but about view and approach.” The architects’ motto also applied in the present case.

Source: Archinfo


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