house two

DOM DVOM, Bratislava, Housing in the Ľudová štvrť.
Authors: Ing. arch. René Baranyai, Ing. arch. Peter Gašpar, Ing. arch. Gabriela Rolenčíková
Documentation: 2020

Sustainable architecture can take many forms. Today we bring a somewhat unconventional view of this issue. This is not a typical example of new construction on a greenfield using as many technical solutions as possible, standardly used to achieve an ideal “green” (table) score. In the presented example, the authors try to find a balance between the legacy of the original architecture, the use of natural materials, and the available technical solutions. I understand sustainability as respect for the inherited material legacy. The reconstruction of the house in the authentic development of Bratislava’s People’s Quarter meets these attributes and brings something extra.

Source: Archinfo