new geological layer

Author: Matej Hakár
Created: 2019

author’s visual research is based on the need to map the intervention into the country, which causes the development of industrial parks in Slovakia. The lease of the land, the construction of the hall and the purchase of leasing technologies after 2000 enabled investors to start production without their own capital. State support through Eurofunds, tax incentives and strong demand have become an accelerator that gradually occupies free, predominantly agricultural areas. The state’s incentives to attract investment, boost industry growth and increase employment have become a major policy agenda. His efforts are visible in this case, as evidenced by the many logistics parks, manufacturing and service businesses.

We have delegated to economists to ask questions about the economic risks that threaten by focusing on capital formation mainly through low value-added services. The question about how we live in a country that has last for fifteen years we have changed our appearance significantly.


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